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и все что с ним связано

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и все что с ним связано

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и все что с ним связано

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и все что с ним связано

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How to quickly build a house with your own hands?

  1. Pre-fabricated house project
  2. The base for the frame house
  3. Floor frame house
  4. The walls of the frame house
  5. Roof Prefab Canadian House
  6. Home decoration
frame house design

Canadian houses are warm and comfortable houses, which, at their very low cost, are excellent for permanent living. Due to the fact that the developers are constantly improving the construction technologies used, Canadian houses have practically no disadvantages, and most importantly, such a house can be built very quickly.

Among the most significant advantages of pre-fabricated construction should be noted the assembly, which, due to its simplicity and convenience, is available even to beginners. The design of the Canadian house consists of a frame lined with wooden CIP panels, which provides additional savings on the construction of a simple and light foundation.

In addition, it is impossible not to say about such qualities as: the durability of the structure, excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics, reliability and durability, high speed of installation, accuracy of the joints and ease of assembly, low cost and great opportunities for finishing.

finishing scheme and warming frame prefabricated house

The technology of building pre-fabricated houses from CIP panels You can build houses from CIP panels even in the winter season. Thanks to the preparation of the necessary solutions, as well as the absence of freezing processes of the material, the construction of housing takes place quickly and without difficulty.

project of prefabricated house of vulture panels

From the CIP panels you can build one-story houses with a mansard, as well as two and three-story. Constructions, in the construction of which Ecopan panels are used, will cost approximately 6,500 p / m2, for one set for self-assembly. When purchasing a box at home, which will be on the foundation on screw piles, be guided by the rates from 12,000 p / m2.

A Canadian house on a pile foundation with a door, windows and an ondulin roof will cost about 14,500 p / m2. If engineering systems are carried out in a dwelling, the cost will increase to 19,000 rubles per 1 square meter. Fully finished construction (turnkey) costs about 23 000 r / m2.

On the construction of a frame house takes about 1-2 months, while the finished design does not require additional time for shrinkage. You can watch more about this video.

You can build the structure with your own hands, but only professional specialists should preferably develop frame house projects. If you wish, you can use a ready-made project, if you are completely satisfied with its planning.

If you want to independently engage in design issues, then you need special computer programs to work. The most popular among them are Floor Plan 3D, ArchiCAD, ArCon, Google SketchUp, AutodeskAutoCad. The development of the project house should be carried out taking into account the needs of all family members, since redevelopment in the future can be very expensive.

Pre-fabricated house project

The project of a single-storey frame house can undoubtedly be classified as an economical and at the same time comfortable dwelling with a rational layout and all the necessary facilities.

project of pre-fabricated single-storey frame house

The standard rooms in any residential building are a living room, an entrance hall, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen and dining room. If desired, you can take one of the premises under the traditional element of the Finnish frame house - a sauna.

Housing with this layout is ideal for small areas. Tools and materials for building a house using Canadian technology. Before you start building a house, you need to prepare all the materials and tools required in such cases.

Tools and materials for building a house using Canadian technology. Before you start building a house, you need to prepare all the materials and tools required in such cases.


  • Chisel;
  • Nail puller;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Drill with drills;
  • Hammers;
  • Plummet and level;
  • Tassels;
  • Electric plane;
  • Construction pencil or chalk;
  • Ladder and scaffolding;
  • Circular saw for wood.

Construction Materials:

  • Steel reinforcement;
  • Boards for supporting walls (5x15x400);
  • Waterproofing materials;
  • Wind protection film;
  • Metal roofing;
  • OSB plates 22 mm thick .;
  • Concrete for the base;
  • Board for internal partitions (5x10x400);
  • Drywall for interior walls;
  • Materials for external facing of walls;
  • Pine board for the frame of floors (5x2x400);
  • Communications;
  • Warming materials.

The base for the frame house

In order to ensure greater reliability and stability of the structure, the construction of a concrete foundation is recommended. During the execution of work, you should take care in advance of carrying out high-quality waterproofing of the material used.

Due to the low weight of the pre-fabricated frame house design, the soil does not shrink under the foundation, as a rule. As the base is perfect pillar foundation of asbestos pipes (see photo). In the soil layers approximately every 80 cm. It is necessary to make holes of a meter depth and a diameter of 20 cm. In them pipes are installed whose height reaches 1.4 meters. Each of the pipes should be carefully filled with earth, which is then compacted. Then concrete is poured into the interior of the pipes.

This pillar foundation of pipes is perfect for a frame house

Floor frame house

When erecting a floor, the boards are first laid (for example, a bar with a cross section of 5x20 cm), which allow to determine the location of future premises. In order to prevent the wood from rotting, wooden elements are treated with an antiseptic. To protect the boards from contact with moisture from the foundation, a layer of roofing material is enclosed under them.

The geometry of your future home directly depends on the accuracy with which the boards will be laid on the foundation, so do not forget about a thorough check of their position using a level. The maximum permissible deviation from the horizontal in the corners is about 10 mm. The boards are fixed to the foundation by means of anchor bolts, the distance between which does not exceed two meters.

In houses using Finnish technology, the floor is made of the same type of wood that was used in the construction of walls. In the manufacture of the base floor is usually used uncircumcised board, which has a low cost. Then logs are laid on the floor, where further fixing of flooring boards will occur. In the free space between the lags put any suitable insulation (for example, foam or mineral wool).

The floor covering is made of even and neat boards of 5x15 cm, which are nailed to the logs and sealed with brackets.

scheme of laying wooden floor boards

The walls of the frame house

Before you start assembling the walls, you must carefully ensure that the floor has a smooth and even surface. Otherwise, the existing irregularities can cause distortions, which are very difficult to eliminate. If everything is in order, then you can begin to assemble the frame.

First of all, lower straps are constructed from grooved bars. The distance between the grooves should be about 50 cm. To connect the edges of the bars, use straight grooves or with a bevel.

Then you should measure and saw off several boards, the height of which depends on the height of the walls of the future house. In most cases, the ceiling height is about 2.7 meters. This figure is considered to be the most optimal, since the rooms with low ceilings cause psychological discomfort to the residents, and rooms with high ceilings are very difficult to heat.

layout of the walls of the frame house

First of all it is necessary to put steel pins (dowels) in those places in which there will be racks. Under these pins in the end of the boards are drilled holes. The assembly of the frame begins with the installation of angular vertical bars.

After this, the bars should be inserted into the dowels and secured with temporary braces. The remaining intermediate bars are installed in exactly the same way.

frame top trim

Then, when the installation of vertical bars is completed, you can proceed to the construction of the upper trim, which will require exactly the same bars with grooves, as in previous work. Carefully make sure that the grooves of the upper and lower straps are arranged in an identical order to each other, otherwise the appearance of distortions will be inevitable.

For fixing the upper trim use nails, the length of which should allow them to freely enter the end of the vertical bars at a distance of not less than 10 cm. After the completion of the construction of the frame, the temporary braces are removed and replaced with permanent ones.

The presence of stitches allows you to partially eliminate the load from the harness connections, additionally giving the frame a good strength.

After this, the ceiling beams made of 5x15 timber are fastened. They should be positioned so that they correspond to the location of the uprights, and the distance between them does not exceed 50 cm. Inside the house structure, the installation of support bars, supporting the beams and marking the places of future interior partitions, takes place.

Roof Prefab Canadian House

When arranging the roof, use rafters from a 5x15 timber, the edges of which should be carefully joined with an end joint (with an angle of about 50 degrees) and knocked down with nails. Strengthening the design is carried out using a horizontal board. Rafters are collected on the ground, subsequently fixing them on the frame with hacks and nails of 200 mm.

roof structure of a frame house

After that, the sheathing boards are fastened to the rafters, approximately every 10 cm. These boards should extend approximately 20 cm beyond the outer rafters. Then, roofing material is laid onto the crate and the roofing material is screwed.

Home decoration

After the frame construction is ready, it is required to sheathe OSB and trim it with clapboard or siding. Immediately after this comes the turn of the installation of doors and windows. From the inside, the walls are insulated with mineral wool or foam, on top of which the installation of drywall is performed. Then all the necessary communications and electricity are carried out.

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