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и все что с ним связано

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и все что с ним связано

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и все что с ним связано

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и все что с ним связано

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Electromagnetic gasoline valve - the device and purpose. How to connect the solenoid valve.

  1. Main characteristics
  2. We connect the valve
  3. Benefits of autowatering
  4. Purpose of the solenoid valve
  5. Solenoid valve device
  6. Solenoid valve for irrigation: work pattern
  7. Solenoid valve for watering do it yourself
  8. Faults and Repair
  9. Conclusion

Electromagnetic valve is a locking element of electromechanical action that performs the function of remote automatic control of the directions of movement of the liquid and gaseous working medium inside the pipeline. With the help of an electromagnetic coil, the required volumes of flow are metered at a certain point in time.

It is widely used at the household level and in large industrial structures in a wide range of operating temperatures. In pipelines of the housing and utilities sector, the valve controls the environment inside the plumbing or sewer systems, central heating. It is used in process lines of chemical and oil refineries, filtration hydraulic lines. Let's apply in agriculture: watering designs, systems of dispensing and mixing.

For the production of electromagnetic valves used materials that meet the requirements of GOST and international standards. A solenoid valve consists of several basic elements:

The principle of operation of the electromagnetic valve is based on the operation of the control element - the electromagnetic coil. In the absence of direct or alternating current under mechanical pressure of the spring, the membrane (piston) of the valve is located in the seat of the device. When an electrical voltage of different power is applied to the solenoid terminals, the core is drawn into the inside of the coil, ensuring the opening or closing of the duct hole. De-energizing the solenoid leads to closing of the valves. The design features of a solenoid valve device may vary, depending on its type.

Solenoid valves are divided into several categories.

must be made by a qualified person authorized to work with electrical networks.
The production of solenoid valves is carried out at specialized plants for pipe fittings located in virtually every country in Europe. One of the world's leading manufacturers of solenoid valves is SMART HYDRODYNAMIC SYSTEMS. The cost of an electromagnetic valve depends on its functions, constructive type, diameter of the thread and the manufacturer of electromagnetic (solenoid) valves. To determine the desired type of device, you can consult with experts or watch a video of the solenoid valve.

Electromagnetic valves have found application in various industries where they are used to regulate the flow of certain types of substances. The design of such mechanisms has a different structure, which depends on the specific type of product.

Buying electromagnetic valves Danfoss, you should definitely consult with a specialist who will clarify all of its basic parameters and scope. This type of device has proven itself very well, which allows it to be used under different working conditions.

Main characteristics

Electromagnetic valves on the principle of operation resemble conventional locking mechanisms, but the flow is not blocked manually, but with the help of a solenoid. This allows you to automatically regulate this process without human intervention.

The main structural elements of such a product are:

  • housing;
  • electromagnet;
  • a special device with which the flow is regulated (piston or disk).

This product can work in various environments that allows to apply it not only with liquid substances, but also with gases. There are several types of such devices that differ in technical parameters, such as the ability to regulate the flow and throughput.

We connect the valve

Before connecting solenoid valve should understand the principle of his work. After that, you can proceed to mount it in the transport system.

Depending on the valve model, there is an inlet and an outlet to which the pipe must be connected. Special adapters should be used for this, as the method of fastening can be made in various variations.

This procedure is a bit like connecting check valve . A distinctive feature of such mechanisms is their additional connection to the electrical network.

This happens with the help of a special plug, which acts as the basis for connection. Since there are several modifications of such valves, you must first familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the manufacturer, and only then carry out the installation.

All work must be carried out in accordance with all safety regulations. If solenoid valves are used in very complex circuits, then a specialist should be called in to install them, who will provide the connection at the highest level.

After connecting the operation of the solenoid valve is not superfluous to check:

The main thing in gardening is to ensure regular watering of the site. Without it, any garden will not survive even one season. Manual watering requires a lot of time and labor. For a good garden you need a modern water supply system, where an important element is an electromagnetic valve for irrigation.

Benefits of autowatering

The main elements of the irrigation system are as follows:

  • dosing of water consumption;
  • uniformity of application;
  • profitability (watering at night reduces the evaporation of moisture);
  • the system is underground;
  • labor and time of the gardener is saved.

Purpose of the solenoid valve

Electromagnetic valve for watering is always needed, even if there is no irrigation system. It is used with a timer that turns it on at the right time. Especially it is needed to fill the storage tank. When water supply is scheduled, the timer opens the valve and the tank is filled. It is advisable at the same time to water the area. All this is done in the absence of the owner. He can only water the hard to reach places.

The main purpose of the valve is to supply water to the irrigation system at a specified time. For this, a device for 1 inch is suitable, allowing 50–100 l / min to pass at pressures up to 10 atm. It can also be used on short irrigation sites, since the built-in regulator allows you to adjust the required local flow. It is suitable for spray irrigation and drip when the pressure in the system is weak.

One or more valves are installed on the drainage cushion of gravel and closed box. This can be done in any convenient place.
One or more valves are installed on the drainage cushion of gravel and closed box

Solenoid valve device

The valve is very simple. It contains the following details.

It contains the following details

The external thread of the inlet and outlet nozzles is 1/4 "or more, depending on the flow rate. The least amount of water passes through the solenoid valve for drip irrigation. Small-sized devices are built into the pipeline with water and operate from a timer that sets different irrigation modes.

Recently, there are models combined with the switch. Can be purchased through the online store of the company "Ulmart": solenoid valve for irrigation C 1060 plus GARDENA, which has become popular. It automatically switches water to the garden irrigation.
Recently, there are models combined with the switch

Solenoid valve for irrigation: work pattern

Connecting the solenoid valve to the garden watering system

For a small garden is better suited to the solenoid valve for irrigation -12 volts (NT8048). It is safe because when water gets on the contacts and when you touch it with wet hands, no electric shock will occur. The possibility of connecting it to the battery at 15 ACh allows you to work without recharging for a week. It will also be easy to make power from the panel through the power adapter.

The water supply is provided from a storage tank installed at a height of at least 2 m. The water in it is collected from a centralized system. Filling is controlled by a float sensor connected to a cork valve. The absence of a pump removes many problems. Watering the garden by gravity occurs within a few hours and at the same time it does not need to be controlled. All management of irrigation will take over an electronic timer connected to the outlet.

The valve is installed in the discharge line of the irrigation system. The coil of the electromagnet is connected to the output of the adapter through a cable using terminals. They can be closed on top with a sealant to protect against water.
The valve is installed in the discharge line of the irrigation system

The entire device is conveniently placed in the back room, where you can hold the outlet. A timer, adapter, and electromagnet coil are connected in series with it. It remains to adjust the watering mode. The time is chosen morning and evening, so that there is a minimum of evaporation, and the plants are not burnt in the sun. Set the duration of watering, which is then selected experimentally.

On different types plant watering should be different. The system can be gradually improved by adding new valves. To each of them, you can connect your own timer or install a common microcontroller, setting the irrigation program.

It is possible to install valves from old washing machines on the discharge pipes, which will make it possible to save a lot on the cost of the irrigation system.

Solenoid valve for watering do it yourself

Electric valves are expensive, but cheaper solutions can be found. The most accessible here is a valve from a failed washing machine. His device is as follows:

  • plastic case;
  • rubber membrane;
  • electromagnet with core;
  • spring;
  • strainer;
  • gasket

The mechanism has a high sensitivity to dirt and can easily fail. It is protected, but for the garden system it is advisable to put another one at the valve inlet, since your own will quickly become clogged.

The solenoid valve is normally closed, i.e. in the off state it closes the water. When turned on, the core is pulled in, lifting the rubber membrane and letting in water.

A drain valve is used similarly to remove contaminated washer fluid. The principle of operation is the same and can be successfully used for watering.
A drain valve is used similarly to remove contaminated washer fluid

Solenoid valves of washing machines have the following characteristics:

  • supply voltage - 220 V;
  • power - 8 W;
  • water pressure - up to 10 atm;
  • diameter of a jellied hose - 3/4 ";
  • liquid consumption - 10 l / min.

Faults and Repair

No voltage on the coil

1. Faulty supply cable.

2. Coil malfunction.

1. Repair the break.

2. Check the integrity of the wire tester. A burnt coil is usually not repaired.

Valve does not operate when power is applied.

1. Broken spring.

2. The accumulation of dirt in the mobile connection.

1. Replace the solenoid.

2. Disassemble and rinse the structure.

Large pressure drop

1. Adjustable hole blockage.

2. The parameters of the coil does not correspond to the magnitude of the supplied voltage.

1. Clean.

2. Replace the coil.

Valve does not close

1. On the coil residual voltage.

2. Contamination hole.

3. Contaminated valve seat.

4. Breakage of the spring.

1. Check the relay contacts and electrical connections.

2. Clean.

3. Clear.

4. Replace.


On the maintenance of the garden and the garden takes a lot of time and effort. The real savior for the owner is the solenoid valve for irrigation, which serves to fill the storage tank in its absence, pumping water from the well and especially in the irrigation system.